Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Stills- Toys

Wow! Where to start? As a full time professional magician, I get to play with lots of toys... They say you can grow old, but you can be immature your whole life.... or my favorite, I can grow up or I can be a magician.... I have a large collection of Cups and Balls (3 cups & 3 Balls) My wife thinks I am

The Cups and Balls may be the oldest recorded magic trick and can be seen in the Hieroglyphs on the pyramids in Egypt. I have taken a shot that I like to view as a chaotic mess... I have Cups made from wood, copper, brass, plastic and aluminium. I have a couple of sets over a hundred and fifty years old. all in all, about 35 or 40 sets total ( I have a few duplicate sets).

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday stills - Nuts....

This weeks Sunday Stills challenge was "Nuts". This wasn't too tough to figure out for me. As a magician, I am fascinated by the old scam or con called the "3 Shell game". One of the oldest cons around, the shells are made of walnut shells and you have to guess which nut shell is hiding the little pea. I have a large collection of the different walnut shells that have been made just for the purpose of separating some fool and his money.... My favorite set are the ones pictured here. This set is made from black Walnut shells (some of the hardest shells to get perfect when making your set). Andrea bought me a set for Christmas one year that are made to look like turtle shells and are a damn good replica even though they are made from a wood resin.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sunday Stills - Texture

I love texture and when on my trip to North Carolina recently, I stopped on a dock right outside of Kitty Hawk.

As a professional Magician, I love rope and saw this bit of rope coiled on the dock and had to get a shot. The texture was perfect, old and worn like a good piece of rope should be.

I am also a big fan of reptiles (snakes, lizards and turtles). I have a healthy respect for the the poisonous snakes in our part of the world.

This rattle snake has beautiful scales and patterns and you can see the texture in and on his body.
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Stills - Wild Flowers

This week has been crazy, I ordered a new Iphone 3 Gs (32 gig) and it came in about a week before it was supposed too. So of course, I had to sync it to my outlook calendar and contacts (I have a ton!) and I had to check out all the apps that I To say the least,I almost missed posting this weeks photos.

This weeks challenge for the Sunday Stills was a little tough. It was for "Wild Flowers" and not for garden shots. I only have a few that I would consider to post and have included a decent shot, even though it is more "weed" than Wild Flower.

I love all the color that we get in the spring here in Ohio. Most of the Wild Flowers that I see are in my un-mowed back yard... My yard as a 45* incline and is a bear to mow. I have a friend do it for me once a month from a landscape company that he owns. The price is great and I get to keep the city man off my

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